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Mois : juillet 2017

Adventures in the Garden / Les aventures dans le Jardin

Adventures in the Garden / Les aventures dans le Jardin

Puppies outside in the afternoon sun.

The names below are the nicknames we have used (some have a few).

Here is Norman (the only male):


Here is Noona (Ms Moon):


Here is Nini (Nintendo):


Nova :


Nessie (Saddleback):




And Lois enjoys being out there with them too:

Cleaning up after Norman:

Cuddeling Nova:


The rope is from a tent that was up in the garden:

New Puppy Pen

New Puppy Pen

We have now a new puppy pen, which will allow them to stretch their legs a bit. We had planned on covering the floor only with clean, dust-free sawdust, but one of our friend suggested adding meadow hay on top of the sawdust. It helps train the puppies to pee outside and it seems to be working. They sleep on their bed, and when they need to pee, then get up and move off onto the hay.

Here below, Leo is inspecting this new construction in the kitchen.

Lois and the pups move in and inspect the new pen.

They are comfortable on the bed, safe and secure.

This is the last photo from the whelping box. Happens when mum is going around cleaning up, the puppies sit and drink. Quite funny to see.

Puppies outside – Les chiots vont dehors

Puppies outside – Les chiots vont dehors

It has been really warm, so we let the puppies out in the evening when the sun had gone down a bit. This it their first time on grass.   Comme il fait beau nous avons passé un peu de temps dehors avec les chiots dans leur tout nouvel enclos, juste à l’heure du repas !


 All the family is caring for these pups – Toute la famille prend soin des chiots  – Claire, Sam & Sandrine

Léo would love to be in the pen too, but Loïs doesn ‘t agree yet ! – Léo aimerait aussi être dans l’enclos mais ce n’est pas l’avis de Loïs


Tom & Léo

Puppies at 3 weeks

Puppies at 3 weeks

Puppies are doing really well. Growth is fine and last night we started them on soaked and mixed puppy crunchies. They love the porridge mix. so now are haveing that as a supliment to mum’s milk. Here are a few pics after they were fed, with mum cleaning up the mess. Since this first try we feed them outside the box to keep the box clean.


Here today we have been feeding them outside the box – a much better idea.


Here is a graph of the pup’s weight so far:


Les chiots à 12 jours

Les chiots à 12 jours

Notre activité principale étant de manger nous avons déjà bien grandi depuis notre naissance. Nous avons tous dépassés le kilo et ce matin, oh surprise, 3 d’entre nous avaient les yeux ouverts !!

Our main activité being eating, we have well grown since our birth. We all are over the kilo now, and oh surprise this morning, 3 of us had opened their eyes !!


Langhaar Pups at 1 week old

Langhaar Pups at 1 week old


Some photos from Sunday, 2nd July. Puppies are one week old and all are doing fine. Good weight and looks. All about the same size.

Lois is happy, producing milk, eating a lot and is a really good mum.

Leo has been kept away, separated in another part of the house. Today we allowed him to poke his head in to see what was going on.

More updates to follow in the next few days. At this stage, 3 female puppies are available, 3 have been reserved.